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No two people are the same, but we ALL need functional strength and mobility to lead a healthy and, hopefully, pain-free life. Each of my clients receives a tailored training regimen blending yoga and Pilates practices according to his or her specific needs. Whether you are someone looking to improve your general fitness, a student or adult athlete, someone recovering from an injury or bodily trauma, or a pregnant/post-natal mom, engaging in these disciplines will improve your quality of life. 

In-Home Training & Private Classes

If you prefer to train in the comfort of your own space, I will come to you! We can work together to find a time that fits with your schedule, so that you can prioritize your practice without the commute to the studio. 

Interested in practicing with your friends? Community is so much of what makes yoga and Pilates meaningful. Gather your group together in the space of your choice and schedule a group private class with me. I’ll come to wherever you are with the necessary equipment to provide you with expert instruction suited to your needs.

Virtual or Pre-

Recorded Classes 

Not local to the Greenville, SC area? Or do you just prefer to workout on your own schedule and at your own pace?


I am now offering virtual Pilates and yoga sessions via Zoom. Schedule a private session for extra attention to detail or gather your friends and family to connect from afar. To best optimize your time and schedule, pre-recorded yoga and Pilates classes of various levels are available for purchase. 

Client Testimonial

"I took regular private Pilates sessions with Emma for several months before returning to school, and she is truly a gifted instructor. Emma is extremely knowledgeable of the body and the physical impacts that life has on it. She spoke in terms I could always understand and gave me great advice that allowed a great amount of trust between us. Pilates is a great way to work the body and mind, and Emma can give you the right tools to make the most of the practice. I highly recommend her private lessons!”

Caroline Byrd

Student + Yogi, 25 y.o.


New + Expectant Mothers

Prepare for labor through breathing and abdominal exercises 

Regulate stress and tension 

Strengthen key supporting muscles 

Prevent injury and pain in the lower back and neck 

Recover faster from C-section or vaginal birth 

Maintain balance and stability 



Decrease recovery time 

Improve balance and flexibility 

Enhance overall body control 

Promote balanced, symmetrical muscle tone

Sharpen focus and concentration 

Regulate stress and anxiety 



Correct faulty movement patterns
Promote balance and prevent injury 
Cultivate longevity and strength 
Improve stress management 
Add variety to your current fitness routine 
Challenge your body and mind with something new

Senior Couple Doing Yoga


If you think I can help you reach your fitness goals, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me a bit about your needs in your message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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